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4510017 TRANSIT 运输包 40L      旅行系列  
产地: 越南
重量: 1880 克/GRAM
规格: 56x33x25 厘米/CM
容量: 40 升/LITER
负重: 极限负重 - 公斤/KG
售价: 1699 元/RMB     
  • CONTACT背负系统
  • 可拆卸和可调位置的垫肩
  • 拉链上锁头锚点
  • 电脑隔层
  • X型支架
  • 可折叠网状腰翼
  • 物品分类隔层
  • 人体工学腰翼
  • 前拉链开口
  • 底部单独隔间
  • 可调高度的胸带
  • 防雨罩
  • 侧边口袋
  • 负重调节带
材 料
  • Dynajin 210
    We use the Nylon material in hard wearing 420 denier and 210 denier density. Special high density denier polyamide offers high abrasion resistance with it's very tight weave. This top quality fabric is used for Guide backpacks and Travel range models. PU coating.
  • PES 600
    Made from 600 den Polyester thread and with a thick PU coating, this multi-purpose fabric is robust and lightweight. It is most suitable for backpacks, used in average conditions to keep the weight to a minimum.

39550 Cargo Bag EXP 托运包 90+30L

39982 TSA-Lock

39272 Light Drypack 卷口式防水收纳袋 15L

3941216 MESH SACK 收口式网状收纳袋 10L

3940716 PACK SACK 收口式收纳袋 5L

3940316 ZIP PACK 拉链开口衣物收纳袋 4L

3940116 ZIP PACK LITE 拉链开口轻便收纳袋 2L