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3711217 ASTRO 阿斯特 400 (+1°) REG   [睡袋系列]
产 地: 中国
重 量: 填充:400g 总重量:1070 克/GRAM
规 格: 205x75x48cm 压缩包:16x33 厘米/CM
容 量:  升/LITER
负 重: 极限负重 - 公斤/KG
售 价: 1999 元/RMB     
适合身高:~185 cm
80/20 RDS BLUESIGN,蓬松度:600+
细 节
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功 能
  • 内置口袋
  • 人体工学足型
  • 颈部保暖
  • 梯形筑建架构
用 途
  • 旅行
  • 棚屋
  • 摩托车
  • 登山
  • 单车
  • 远足
材 料
  • 40D Pro Lite Cube
    The outer fabric of the Astro down series is a sleek, hardwearing, lightweight and fast-drying nylon microfiber. Its dense weave makes it impermeable to feathers and wind and also water-repellent. The reinforcement yarn woven into the honeycomb structure increases tear resist ance to make the extremely thin fabric even more stable.
  • PRO Lite 50
    A durable, easy-careand warm micro denier Polyester fabricwith excellent wicking and downproofproperties. The perfect lining for our TrekLite models.
  • 80/20